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Gas Pipe - Distribution and Transmission Pipeline

We are distributors for the major mills. When you need gas pipe transmission line, Southland has proven ability to deliver on-time. We have a team of knowledgeable and experienced salespeople who have been together for over ten years. We offer competitive pricing, excellent service, and a centrally located facility in Bessemer, Alabama.

Water Pipe

Southland Pipe serves the water distribution market with water pipe conforming to ASTM A53, ASTM A139, and AWWA C200. Specialty linings and coatings are available, including cement lined AWWA C205, potable water epoxy lined AWWA C210, and various type O.D. coating systems.

Sewer Pipe

Southland Pipe will provide you with sewer pipe that has been lined and coated for sewer service. Typical applications of Coal tar epoxy are 20 to 40 mils dry film thickness on the inside diameter and 8 to 12 mils on the outside. Polyurethane applied according to the AWWA C222 lining and coating system is also available. Sewer pipe is available in ASTM A139, AWWA C200, ASTM A53, and also in limited service grade. We normally have 8" x .322" x 40'0" Epoxy lined and coated sewer pipe in stock at our facility.

Oilfield & Gas, Water, Sewer, Building and Utility Construction

Call us for a quote. We respond promptly to bids. Please, add Southland Pipe Supply to your bid list.



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