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Pipe Cutting

Bevel Cutting Steel Pipe
Mechanical Torch Beveled or Square

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Carbon Steel Pipe: ASTM A252
Standard 20' Lengths, Bevel or Square
Mechanical Beveling, Standard 30 degree bevel cut on stock Bevel cutting Pipe, Followed by Mid-welding Sections Standard Lengths of Pre-cut stock  8" - 24" OD

Cutting Steel Pipe - Cut to length, Welded & Coated Pipe

Southland Pipe custom cuts and fabricates Structural Grade Carbon Steel Pipe, mid-welding pieces together for our customers. Our specialty is to have in-stock 20' lengths of various diameters and thicknesses ASTM A252 GR2, GR3, and limited use structural pipe. Since 1997, we've earned industry respect across the Southeast & nationwide for on-time delivery of cut-to-length Pipe Pilings, Steel Casings and Pipe Bollards. We stock carbon steel pipe in sizes and dimensions ranging from 2" - 48".

With "Bevel x Bevel" or "Bevel x Square" beveled pipe cutting options, we fabricate welded pipe to length specifications. Custom fabricating capacity includes options for welding plate, points, shoes, and flanges into place. Upon customer request, our pipe products are treated with a pipe coating or a pipe lining procedure. When the pipe is delivered on-site to you, it's fabricated to length and coated to your requirements.

Pipe Cutting and Splicing is what we do.

Our Plant is in Bessemer, Alabama, south of Birmingham, AL

Southland Pipe and Supply Company is located in Bessemer, AL on the southwest side of Birmingham, Exit 1, I-459. Please, Call us at (800) 886-9764 or Email us at for all of your carbon steel pipe requirements.