SOUTHLAND PIPE SUPPLY CO, Steel Pipe Piling and Steel Casing, Steel Pipe Fabrication including Bevel Cutting, Welding, Coating,  Bessemer, Alabama -  Birmingham, AL
Steel Casing Pipe Supply Road Bore Casing & Steel Casings
Steel Pipe Pilings - Foundation Piling, Bridge Piling, Marine Piling Fabrication Pipe Piling & Foundation Piling
Structural Steel Pipe Supplier - GR 2 GR 3 Limited Service Pipe Structural Grade Steel Pipe
Prime Steel Pipe - Gas, Water, Sewer Pipe Supplier Prime Pipe
Bevel Cut Pipe Beveling & Cutting
Coated Pipe - Bituminous Asphalt, Coal Tar Epoxy Coating Pipe
Welded Pipe and Structural Grade Pipe Fabrication Welded Pipe & Pipe Fabrication
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API 5L-B & API 5L - X

Welded Pipe Lengths to 93 feet

Pipe Fabrication Incuding:
Plate, angle, shoes & points

Prime & Structural Grade
Steel Pipe Sales

Bridge Pilings ASTM A252 Structural Steel Pipe Coated Steel Pipe

Southland Pipe & Supply Company
Steel Pipe Supplier

Southland Pipe & Supply Co., located in Bessemer, Alabama is a major remanufacturer, stocking distributor and leading supplier of Carbon Steel Pipe serving a diverse range of building and construction industries. We specialize in limited service and structural grade pipe. Our 40-acre storage facility coupled with our cutting, welding, and coating capabilities make Southland a preferred supplier of structural steel pipe products, especially Pipe Piling, Steel Casings, and Pipe Bollards. We stock large quantities in dead 20' lengths of 6", 8", 10", 12", 14", 16", 18", 20", 22", 24", 30", 36" structural grade steel pipe on our yard. Our Steel Pipe Sales line-card includes Prime Pipe and Structural Grade Pipe in sizes ranging from 2" - 72" OD and wall thicknesses from " - 1".

20' Steel Casing Pipes Shipping Southeast and Nationwide

Cutting, Beveling, Welding, Coating, and Fabricating Steel Pipe

We have over 20 skilled welders and craftsmen cutting pipe, beveling ends, and welding pipe to your specifications. After processing some orders may enter our pipe coating line. There are over 20 acres of inventory on our yard at any given time in various stages of the processing cycle. Five large fork truck pipe handlers move our inventory around the pipeyard.


Prime Utility Pipe Supply
Potable Water Pipeline
Lined Sewer Pipeline
Natural Gas Pipeline
Water Pipe & Gas Transmission

Bracing & Supports
Sign Poles & Sign Posts
Billboard Posts & Columns
Load, Laterals, Footings
Tower Construction

Steel Casing
Road Bore Casing
Water Well Casing
Open Cut & Culverts
Drilling & Tunneling

Pipe Piles
Foundation Piling
Bridge Piling
Marine Piling
Pier Piles

Fabricating Pipe
Mechanical Bevel Torch Cut
Welded & Fabricated to Length
Bare & Coated Pipe
Custom Fabricated Pipe Bollards

Structural Pipe Supply

Secondary pipe pricing is far less expensive than the cost of prime when used for the structural side of construction. We concentrate on manufacturing custom cut lengths so that you realize less scrap loss upon installation. All of our pipe supply and inventory is "new and unused". When you have a need for ASTM A252 Grade 2, Grade 3 or limited service pipe for bollards, casings, pilings, and any other use, please, consider us.

Specialty Fabricating Custom Lengths

Since 1992, we have filled several specialty niches. Among our distinctive capabilities we facilitate orders requiring plasma beveling and true machine beveling; specialty coatings and linings, such as bituminous asphalt, coal tar epoxy, polyurethane, and cement; large diameter steel pipe fabrication services; exact footage requirements; and on-time delivery of made to length pipe. The industries we serve include building construction, utility construction, roadway bore construction, sign post and tower construction, marine piling, water utility, sewer, oil & gas. With 30 employees averaging fifteen years in industrial pipe, you can feel confident knowing that you'll get outstanding service at a great price. Our sales staff has been together for over ten years, and we promptly quote your requests.

Bessemer, Alabama, south of Birmingham, AL off Exit 1 of I-459

Southland Pipe & Supply Company is located in Bessemer, AL on the southwest side of Birmingham, Exit 1 off I-459, 1 miles north off Eastern Valley Rd.
Please, Call us at (800) 886-9764 or Email us at for all of your steel pipe requirements.

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